About Us

We are one of Africa’s largest providers of information and communication technology products and services. The group comprises of focused operating subsidiaries who specialise in their unique product and service offerings.

About Us


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Our Purpose

"To make a difference"

Our Vision

Our people are our biggest asset and, with the strive for constant improvement and a service-driven culture, we are building a company for generations to come.

The meaning of "Alviva"

The word ‘Alviva’ is derived from the word ‘aviva’, meaning ‘spring’ and originating in the root word ‘viva’ meaning ‘to breathe life into’.

In the same way Alviva breathes life into your business through technology and communication.

Alviva holdings provide information technology and communication technology for businesses across the African continent. We breathe life into your business through our ever growing innovative product portfolio. Our shareholders are important to us, which is why we strive to grow shareholder returns through strategic acquisitions and ongoing diversification of our product and services offering.

The Alviva Brand Essence

Careful consideration has been given to the components which make up the  Alviva logo and what they represent. The Alviva company strategy centres around the premise that the customer is as important as the vendor, who is as important as the employee. This threefold strategy forms the core of the Alviva ethos and underpins Alviva’s business approach.